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Autumn Rhythm (no 30) (1950), Jackson Pollock

In the 1950s, American abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock became the poster child for freedom-loving consumer culture capitalism. His epic-sized drip paintings vibrated with an energy and spontaneity that contrasted vividly with the tired aesthetics of Communist Russia and ‘Old World’ Europe. For the first time,

Skeleton Violinist and Dancers, Theodore Fried

Born in 1902 in Hungary, Theodore Fried lived through the first world war, the rise of the Nazis and WW2 before escaping to the US. His artistic oeuvre reflects both the thriving artistic movements he witnessed first-hand, and also the historic event he got caught

Nude Study of Thomas E. McKeller

(1917–21), John Singer​ Sargent. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston by Robert McCaffrey John Singer Sargent was an American portrait artist synonymous with the gilded age. His portraits are frequently loaded with psychological complexity driving an emotional dialogue between the viewer and the subject. Nude study of Thomas E. McKeller (1917-21)

Phil Daves – Everyday Life in Full Color

The Voyeur "She is looking at something intently as we are looking at her. The colors are remarkable but its about what he captures in the character of the people and the landscape. The people are odd, Poncho, the gypsy and the soldiers. In his paintings,

Taylor Painter Wolfe; Fiber Art

1. The Magic City-80" x 74" This is one of my most recent and the biggest pieces I have ever made. I was able to make it and show it thanks to a Tulsa Creates Together grant from Living Arts. It is based on satellite images

3 Spirit Creatures by Mery McNett

This installation depicts what McNett calls 3 "spirit creatures" that help guide those who have passed to the next life. They are representative of her father, Gonzo, and herself. The audience was invited to write a name of a loved one on a ribbon, tie


"Boterismo", is often interpreted as a pointed social critique, as seen in his The Presidential Family (1967). “An artist is attracted to certain kinds of form without knowing why,” he reflected. “You adopt a position intuitively, only later do you attempt to rationalize or even

Wretched Blasphemy

Jeff 26x40" Media: acrylic, oil, synthetic gems, gold foil on canvas   One of the first characters from my evolving pantheon of gods. The inspiration for Jeff came from the biblical story of the exodus and the golden calf. The scene from the Charleton Heston movie The Ten Commandments

Cynthia Anne Brown

“Lost in Oklahoma” Acrylic/Mixed Media 48x72 was painted in 2018 during Cynthia's 3-year fellowship with Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Cynthia explains, "My gallery sold and placed this painting in a prestigious collection-plus I love the title".   2. “Mockingbird Rain” 36x36 "I painted this in 2014 in my old