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Taylor Painter Wolfe; Fiber Art

Taylor Painter Wolfe; Fiber Art

1. The Magic City-80″ x 74″
This is one of my most recent and the biggest pieces I have ever made. I was able to make it and show it thanks to a Tulsa Creates Together grant from Living Arts. It is based on satellite images of Tulsa. I love this one because due to its size and level of detail it was a real challenge to make! Sometimes I struggled with it while I was making it, but now every time I look at it I’m really happy with how it turned out and very proud of all the work I put into it.
2. Pennsylvania Relief-35″ x 54″
This piece was a commission for a couple who wanted a piece of artwork based on topographical relief maps of Pennsylvania. They are both geologists and originally from Pennsylvania and told me they had wanted a piece of art like this for about 20 years. I love this piece because I’m happy I could finally make that dream a reality for them, and I like all the shapes in the piece. Cutting them all out was a very slow process, but I do not mind a lot of meticulous cutting. It was fun to piece them all together and the clients and I were very happy with how it turned out.
3. Sunsalt-42″ x 52″
This piece is inspired by aerial photography of salt collection pools in Niger. I really like how colorful this piece is and it is one of the first where I used a lot of reverse applique as a predominant technique in the piece. Reverse applique is where there are two or more layers of fabric and the top layer is cut out to reveal the layer underneath. It took a long time to cut out all of those little circles, but it was worth it and this piece informed a lot of the work I did moving forward.

March 24, 2023


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