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Phil Daves – Everyday Life in Full Color

Phil Daves – Everyday Life in Full Color

  1. The Voyeur

“She is looking at something intently as we are looking at her.

The colors are remarkable but its about what he captures in the character of the people and the landscape. The people are odd, Poncho, the gypsy and the soldiers. In his paintings, I see somebody that I know. For example, I see my mother in one of his paintings, I see my sister.” Milton Berry


2. RAM

Random acts of violence. This painting was created after Phil returned home from fighting in Vietnam. He was disillusioned by the whole system and turned his energy from flying to painting.


3. Poncho

“He was homeless. He was a drunk that frequented the bar across the street from Phil’s studio on Canyon Road. Every day he’d watch old Poncho come out drunk. One day, Phil sketched him, then painted him. And that’s him. 20 years later, Phil and I were at a restaurant with CeCe in downtown Santa Fe and there he was. He pointed to Poncho sitting at the bar.” Milton Berry


March 26, 2023


App Art, Phil Daves Art


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