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Cynthia Anne Brown

Cynthia Anne Brown

  1. “Lost in Oklahoma”

Acrylic/Mixed Media 48×72 was painted in 2018 during Cynthia’s 3-year fellowship with Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Cynthia explains, “My gallery sold and placed this painting in a prestigious collection-plus I love the title”.


2. “Mockingbird Rain” 36×36

“I painted this in 2014 in my old home studio out back. I remember the day…the window was open, a gentle rain was falling and I heard a mockingbird singing. It was at this moment I realized the painting was finished, and the title came to me, Mockingbird Rain.”

3. “Speaking to the Sky” 72×48

“I painted this in 2015 at my second painting workshop in Maine. I created this big painting on paper on the last day of the workshop. I remember painting it in the morning and laying it out on the lawn so it could dry before I had to roll it up and board a plane to fly back home to Tulsa. When I got home and unrolled it I was delighted to feel like it was finished. Usually, a painting this size would take much longer. This painting, along with five others, was purchased by Saint Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City where they are on display.”


November 22, 2022


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