Art Scene Disrupting the Market Through Inclusion

Art Scene (formerly AI Art Advisor), the next-generation art discovery and evaluation app, is disrupting the art market by combining cutting-edge technology with deep insights into art and aesthetics. Our proprietary "artistic quotient" machine learning system helps users discover their unique taste in art and navigate the art market with confidence. With Art Scene, collecting art is no longer limited to the elite few - our app is democratizing the market and making it accessible to everyone.

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Unveiling Our New Business Lead: Nick Stoynoff

The Art Scene app is breaking new pathways under new business leadership with the introduction of Nick Stoynoff, a multifaceted visionary with a passion for art, technology, and empowering all. Budget Collector is excited to introduce Nick, a former Uber-alum, to our audiences and is eager for further expansion under his leadership. In an exclusive interview, I delve into Nick’s remarkable journey, expertise in business development, and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the art collecting landscape.

Nick’s involvement in the tech industry spans various aspects of his career. With his previous experience at Uber, a renowned technology-driven company, he gained invaluable insights into leveraging technology to transform industries and enhance user experiences. His time at Uber equipped him with a deep understanding of the technological landscape, effective strategies for growth, and the importance of innovation.

Moreover, Nick’s dedication to fostering inclusivity and bridging the digital divide is evident through his volunteer work. He generously devotes his time to teaching technology skills to underrepresented youth, empowering them to embrace the opportunities and potential of the digital world. This commitment further exemplifies his passion for technology and its ability to create positive change.

As Budget Collector’s new Business Lead, Nick brings a unique blend of art appreciation, technological expertise, and a strong commitment to inclusivity. His background in the tech industry, coupled with his passion for empowering individuals through technology, positions him to drive innovation and expand the reach of the ‘Art Scene’ app. With Nick at the helm, Budget Collector is poised to harness the power of technology to revolutionize the art collecting experience, making it more accessible, engaging, and inclusive for art enthusiasts worldwide.

His Role in Art Scene’s App Continued Success

“As a lifelong art lover, musician, and creative, I felt an immediate connection to the ‘Art Scene’ app and its origin story,” Nick shared with me enthusiastically. Through his work as a musician and audio engineer, he intimately understands the power of “being emotionally connected to the project.”

For myself, I recognized that Nick’s background as both a musician and an audio engineer, was a unique asset for our team. His ability to recognize that providing support and infrastructure to musical artists was as valuable as being a musician itself is a rare trait. So often, we find that people strive to be the ‘star’ in this social media dynamic age where we commoditize ourselves for anyone willing to watch. It’s rare, to see someone also understand the benefit of being in the background and building up the infrastructure to allow others to shine. In our weekly discussions, we’ve been sympatico on understanding that we need to provide the technological support and infrastructure to amplify artistic expression and to support the creative industry in new ways.

He says, “We believe in building a genuine experience through genuine relationships. We believe there is more to collecting; the act of discovering and sharing what has intrinsic value to an art lover is an emotionally deep experience.” Nick intimately understood what our re-brand was from AI Art Advisor to Art Scene: Meet More Friends. 

Each month, our team has seen organic and consistent user growth of 5% per month, but Nick’s acumen has led us to see a new path. A path teetering between pushing our user growth to the maximum, while still acknowledging our ambitious technological goals.

A New Path: More Users & More Technological Advancements

Nick explicitly understands that “there is an opportunity to motivate and encourage everyone to tap into their creative selves by supporting and promoting users to be engaged in their learning.” Our aim through his understanding of business development is to grow organically by 30% per month by the end of Summer 2023 from 1600 users to 5000 users. He helped the team realize that it was imperative to focus on user growth, as other art technology companies were able to leverage their users toward successful exits, such as Society6 which was sold for $94 million due to their online marketplace of 300,000. Our organic user growth signals that we are aligned with this type of growth, but we need to fight harder to position ourselves.

He explains the benefit of our model is clear to the users as our organic growth has shown, but he charted out a plan to help us signal that more clearly to the user to accelerate our growth. He says that our model differentiates us from other art matching platforms because “it benefits the artist themselves through increased visibility. The second is that it values the collector. The value delivered is a personalized user-centric experience that enables art enthusiasts to find and connect with work that aligns with their artistic tastes.” His understanding of the market, our team believes, will help us continue towards more significant growth.

With Nick Stoynoff as our new Business Lead, Budget Collector is poised for remarkable growth and innovation in the art collecting landscape. His lifelong passion for art, combined with his expertise in business development and deep understanding of the intersection of art and technology, makes him a valuable asset to our team. Through his vision for user growth and technological advancements, our team is confident in our ability to expand our user base, provide a personalized and genuine art collecting experience, and become a leader in the democratization of the art world. The entire team at Budget Collector is excited to embark on this journey with Nick and continue shaping the future of art collection through the Art Scene app.