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Cynthia Anne Brown

“Lost in Oklahoma” Acrylic/Mixed Media 48x72 was painted in 2018 during Cynthia's 3-year fellowship with Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Cynthia explains, "My gallery sold and placed this painting in a prestigious collection-plus I love the title".   2. “Mockingbird Rain” 36x36 "I painted this in 2014 in my old

Philosophy and Art of Emmanuel Irokanulo

    Emmanuel Irokanulo, Exodus, (Oil on Canvas, 1205x120cm), 2010. Exodus by Irokanulo depicts the sensation of heightened consciousness and spiritual enlightenment brought about by human migration and consequence of arm struggle all over the world today and the citizens are paying dearly over these continuous struggles. This paintings depict groups of people moving

Processing Loss and Healing through Art by Ebony Iman Dallas

  1. The Way You Frame It Through Abahay’s Eyes Series Acrylic, gold leafing, and Ghanaian, Kenyan, Nigerian and Somali textiles on canvas 50” x 40” 2. Kernel of Eternity Through Abahay's Eyes Series Acrylic, golden leafing 24” x 30” 3. Between Chaos and Fear Lies the Present Through Abahay's Eyes Series Oil, acrylic, golden leafing 16” x

Phil Daves – Everyday Life in Full Color

The Voyeur "She is looking at something intently as we are looking at her. The colors are remarkable but its about what he captures in the character of the people and the landscape. The people are odd, Poncho, the gypsy and the soldiers. In his paintings,

Taylor Painter Wolfe; Fiber Art

1. The Magic City-80" x 74" This is one of my most recent and the biggest pieces I have ever made. I was able to make it and show it thanks to a Tulsa Creates Together grant from Living Arts. It is based on satellite images

DREAMSCAPES by Antira Lavanhar

Anitra’s 3 Pieces using Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposure 1. Self Portrait of Mosaic Tile. “This is self portrait with Mosaic Tile from Morocco. The self portrait was captured in the shower and it's superimposed with the Moroccan fountain perfectly placed by my breasts, which

Three Favorites From Carly Treece

“Storms Never Last” 24x36. Oil, cold wax, gold flake and multimedia on wood. Carly loves the depth and movement of  \this piece, representing the stormy skies and chaos, but also moments of clear, calm and beautiful skies. “This one helped me process during the pandemic when