Art Scene Disrupting the Market Through Inclusion

Art Scene (formerly AI Art Advisor), the next-generation art discovery and evaluation app, is disrupting the art market by combining cutting-edge technology with deep insights into art and aesthetics. Our proprietary "artistic quotient" machine learning system helps users discover their unique taste in art and navigate the art market with confidence. With Art Scene, collecting art is no longer limited to the elite few - our app is democratizing the market and making it accessible to everyone.

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How We Started

How We Started


Blog Launch & Art Research

Ebonique Boyd launched a blog about her art collecting hobby and gave herself a yearly budget of $5000. She used the money to travel to different galleries, read books on art collecting, and pay for some research help.

2018 - 2019

Ebonique thought that if she could lower the price of art advising, she would have less difficulty finding pieces that she liked. She created several low tech ideas including writing a small journal.

Feb 2020


Ebonique picked up her younger sister Anya Ellis from college and they quarantined together for a few weeks. Anya was a computer science junior at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Anya thought that artificial intelligence could offer some of the services that Ebonique wanted at a lower price. Ebonique asked how and Anya asked for equity, they both got what they wanted.

Sept 2020

Ebonique attended Founder Gym to learn more about venture capital from the perspective of other black women.

Oct 2020

Closed App Launch

Dec 2020

Applied for LegalCorps who helped us find a pro-bono patent attorney at Fredrikson & Byron.

Dec 2020

Referred to Tobias Boonstoppel by another founder in AllRaise. He helped us realize that what we were doing could lead to bigger things in the future.

May 2021

This National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored program helped give us the funds to attend conferences where we met museum officials to learn more about the ecosystem.

June 2021

Helped give us the funds to launch the app in open beta and the insight to craft better more inclusive tests for the app.

Sept 2021

Fiverr's grant helped us to pay for an attorney to help with some business development goals. The grant also helped supplement our small team by using in-kind grants.