Art Scene Disrupting the Market Through Inclusion

Art Scene (formerly AI Art Advisor), the next-generation art discovery and evaluation app, is disrupting the art market by combining cutting-edge technology with deep insights into art and aesthetics. Our proprietary "artistic quotient" machine learning system helps users discover their unique taste in art and navigate the art market with confidence. With Art Scene, collecting art is no longer limited to the elite few - our app is democratizing the market and making it accessible to everyone.

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From AI Art Advisor to Art Scene: Meet More Friends

Embracing a Friendlier Approach to Art Discovery

From AI Art Advisor to Art Scene: Meet More Friends

Welcome to Art Scene: Meet More Friends, formerly known as AI Art Advisor. Our app has undergone a rebranding journey to better cater to a wider audience, breaking down barriers often associated with the exclusive nature of the art world. We understand that many individuals may feel intimidated by the concept of having an art advisor and may perceive the art community as inaccessible. With Art Scene, we aim to change that perception by making the exploration of art accessible, enjoyable, and welcoming for everyone, regardless of their background or expertise. Our new name reflects our mission to open up the world of art and create a platform where people can connect, discover, and learn together.

The AI Art Advisor Era

AI Art Advisor was an app designed to help users discover their artistic preferences by identifying the art styles, periods, and regions that they appreciate the most. With an innovative artistic quotient tool, users could quickly learn about their taste in art, even if they couldn’t initially differentiate between Rococo and Impressionism. This app provided valuable insights and guidance for those looking to navigate the art world.

Why the Rebrand?

As our user base grew, we recognized the need to create a more inclusive and friendlier experience that would appeal to a broader range of consumers, including those who don’t initially see themselves as art consumers. Thus, the decision to rebrand AI Art Advisor to Art Scene: Meet More Friends was made. Our new name encapsulates our vision of fostering a welcoming environment for all who wish to explore and learn about art, regardless of their background or expertise.

What’s New with Art Scene: Meet More Friends?

Although the core functionality of our artistic quotient tool remains unchanged, we have introduced an affordable subscription plan of $5 per year for users who wish to delve deeper into their artistic preferences. Subscribers gain access to exclusive insights and videos curated by preeminent art advisors, such as Nina Kong Surtees, a renowned art advisor in New York City, and Reg Zehner, a revolutionary young curator in the Midwest. By offering this additional layer of engagement, we aim to further enhance the art discovery experience for our users.

In addition to the affordable subscription plan and exclusive insights from renowned art advisors, we are excited to announce the introduction of new features designed to foster connections and friendships among art enthusiasts.

Upcoming Features

Over the next few months, we will be rolling out features aimed at encouraging users to invite their friends, family, and colleagues to join the Art Scene community. These updates will be completed by this Summer, and we believe they will greatly enhance the social aspect of our app. Without divulging the specifics, we can assure you that these features will make your experience with Art Scene even more enjoyable and interactive.

Growth and Future Updates

Our primary focus is on providing a unique and engaging platform for art enthusiasts around the world. We understand the competitive nature of the app market, and as a result, we are committed to continuously improving and expanding the Art Scene experience while keeping our innovations confidential.

Our current goal is to grow from 1,600 downloads to reach 5,000 downloads, at which point we will begin working on the next set of updates and features. With our dedication to offering exceptional experiences and maintaining a competitive edge, we are confident that Art Scene: Meet More Friends will become the go-to app for art enthusiasts looking to connect, learn, and explore the world of art together.

Art Scene: Meet More Friends is committed to providing a more inclusive and accessible approach to art discovery. By moving away from the AI Art Advisor branding, we hope to better connect with our users and foster an engaging community that embraces art enthusiasts from all walks of life. Join us today and embark on your own unique journey of art exploration!

Make Art Collecting Accessible 
Install Art Scene on Your Device

Join our community of art enthusiasts and collectors today! Download the Art Scene: Meet More Friends app to discover, evaluate, and collect fine art while promoting the growth of emerging artists. With our AI-powered art advisory app, you’ll have access to a world of art at your fingertips. Download now and start your art journey!

“It’s fun. It helps you discover something about yourself and gives you an idea of what speaks to you.”

Nicole Mölders Alaska, US

“This innovative use of technology challenges the snobbish idea that only the rich can afford great art by helping anyone learn how to confidently and affordably bring the power of beauty into their lives.”

Sean Latham Zarrow Center

“The app inspired an artistic part of me that’s always been there but hasn’t been tapped into for quite some time.”

Nini Amerlise Winner of Supermodel Canada