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Georgia Tech Students at Budget Collector

In the background of app testing and data analysis, Budget Collector was preparing to onboard 20 master students from The Georgia Institute of Technology (AKA Georgia Tech). Georgia Tech’s Master of Science in Analytics program is an interdisciplinary data science degree which requires students to gain working experience at different companies and organizations before the students can graduate. [1]

In the spring 2022, we, at Budget Collector, started molding the idea of having an interactive data visualization tool similar to Bengler’s Repcol [2], but focused on color in the arts. A data visualization tool is any graphic representation of data and information with the purpose of efficiently conveying complex ideas.

It shows large and small blue and orange boxes stacked over top each other.
Image of Bengler’s Repcol. Each box represents the amount of works within The Norwegian National Museum by each artist in their collection. Check out their video!

Georgia Tech Students Building A Visualization Tools For the Arts

Here is where the Georgia Tech students come in; over the next 14 weeks, the students will be building various visualizations surrounding our given proposal. (You can view more on that here. [3]) At the same time, they will be writing small articles to our blog, updating their progress and knowledge base as they go. There will also be some new video content from their midterm presentations to our seminar series on color theory. 

If you are a member of the cultural workforce from art historians, artists, and advisors, and you would like to review some of the visualizations being made for their helpfulness and ease of use, please reach out at developer@budgetcollector.org


[1] https://www.analytics.gatech.edu/curriculum/applied-analytics-practicum

[2] http://repcol.bengler.no/

[3] https://www.budgetcollector.org/spring-2023-msa-practicum-budget-collector/ 

Anya Ellis

Anya Ellis