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Danny Boy O’Connor – Tulsa, OK

Danny Boy O’Connor – Tulsa, OK

“It wasn’t supposed to be anything, but it turned out to be something”, says Danny Boy O’Connor speaking about his recent art show at the LTO Gallery at the Mother Road Market. “I’m the kind of guy who finds a doorknob and builds a house around it.” This is exactly what Danny did, literally. He found his doorknob in the form of the original director’s chair from Francis Ford Coppola while in Tulsa in ‘82 filming the movie, The Outsiders. This one item sparked the creation of The Outsiders House Museum.


But we aren’t here to talk about Greasers, we are here to talk about sunsets.

During Covid, Danny created a group of people around the country focused on mind, body, and spirit wellness, all centered around the S.E. Hinton quote in her book The Outsiders, ‘we saw the same sunset’ an homage to the human quality of connection regardless of our cultural
differences. Danny was like, “this could be more than a quote from the book, this could be a lifestyle brand.” This WSTSS (we saw the same sunset) brand started with a coffee mug quoting – ‘May your coffee be strong and your gratitude list be long’ – complementing the daily gratitude list that was shared between the members along with a daily photo of the Tulsa sunset.

“When I left LA, I was worried I would not see the beautiful sunsets that I was seeing from my apartment in Beverly Hills. When I moved here to the Mayo, I was clearly mistaken. The Oklahoma sunsets were so vibrant, the room would light up with this glow, so I grabbed a camera and took photos.” Thanks to the idea and opportunity from Jeff Thompson, the Director at Mother Road Market, these 30 or so photos are now on display and for sale at the LTO Gallery. The photos range in multiple sizes and are taken from different vantage points from Danny’s penthouse apartment at the Mayo. Framed in sleek black, the vibrant oranges, purples, and gold colors fill the wall of the gallery space. For Danny, the sunset is a constant reminder of hope. “On my bad days, or even on my good days, when I look out and I see a sunset and hear that freight train going through Tulsa, it’s always like a message from above, saying ‘Dude, you’re right where you’re supposed to be’.

“It's always like a message from above, saying ‘Dude, you're right where you're supposed to be’.”

Coming upon 5 years in Tulsa, Danny feels at home here. He continues to share his message of connection through many mediums including public speaking, curated shows, and building his brands. Though he won’t call himself an artist or photographer, he is a visionary for the arts and a relatable leader in the unconventional lifestyle so many of us outsiders have.

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If you happen to miss this short photography exhibit at LTO gallery, hence the name, which wraps at the end of the month, you will still be able to buy them online, along with his large selection of WSTSS branded items such as hats, hoodies, mugs, coffee, and sage. This is not the end of the WSTSS series, for it will soon be turned into a coffee table book along with his signature offerings of wisdom, humility, and honor. “In the simplest form, this is a love letter to Oklahoma. This is a love letter to the people that I’ve met here and encountered and the support I received here, and ultimately, all roads lead back to The Outsiders.”

Visiting The Outsiders House Museum:


The Outsiders House Museum itself is a collector’s item because it is the actual house in the movie. It holds the largest collection of Outsiders House movie memorabilia and literature on the planet. It’s open Friday through Sunday from 11 to 4 pm and attracts people from all over the world.

Ready to Plan A Visit?

Find WSTSS at the LTO Gallery on the Mother Road Market
1124 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74104 or visit their website.

"In the simplest form, this is a love letter to Oklahoma. This is a love letter to the people that I've met here and encountered and the support I received here, and ultimately, all roads lead back to The Outsiders."

Local Hotels & Restaurants

While at the Mother Road Market, you will have a large selection of global food merchants to
choose from inside the market like; 1907 BBQ, Doctor Kustom and Chicken & the Wolf to name
a few.


And if you happen to check out,
The Outsiders House Museum
721 N. St. Louis

Eat at the historic Mexican restaurant:
El Rio Verde
38 N. Trenton


Greaser Hideout Airbnb hosted by Danny Boy O’Conner himself

Do you recognize O’Conner?


Before becoming the art and executive director of The Outsiders House Museum, Brooklyn-born O’Connor co-founded the rap group House of Pain. You may know him from one the group’s hit music videos, “Jump Around.”

Featured Images from the WSTSS Exhibit

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