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Living Arts 3 Favorite Pieces

Living Arts 3 Favorite Pieces


Living Arts – Tulsa



1. M’kaweeletaamakwe

Artist: Maggie Boyett

Woodblock, Oil-based Ink, Akua Ink, Mud, Pastel on Paper. 41.5 x 45.5.

Liwalookeewe haasi m’kaweeletamaakwe / To heal is to remember. The artist, Maggie Boyett, beautifully describes this piece and how meaningful it is for her Shawnee relatives and tribe. “ They have been putting an astounding amount of energy into ensuring niilawe Saawanwatoweewe (our Shawnee language) will be spoken by generations to come. And in recent years, we have also been gathering to revive our Buffalo dance at Waapakomiisi ta’menyeeleki (White Oak dance ground). Witnessing the momentum of and overlap between these efforts has not only been moving and inspiring; it’s demonstrated to me that revitalizing the use of our spoken language goes hand in hand with reviving our dances. M’kaweeletamaakwe was made in honor of our language bearers, Buffalo families and dancers, and the dirt on which we live and move and pray—past, present and future. My first and most influential ballet instructor Moscelyne Larkin (Eastern Shawnee-Peoria) would tell us often, “Dance is the breath of life made visible.” This piece is created in her honor and memory, too. Ta’menyeeleyaakwe ke’howesile’fepe haasi lenaweewiyaakwe / To dance is to breathe, is to live.”

Jessica was drawn to this beautiful piece and remains one of her favorites in the recent show and claims she would have bought it if someone hadn’t purchased it before she realized. “I’m not quite sure what drew me to this piece, but I still find myself thinking about this piece from time to time.”

2. Don’t Forget to Love

Original Location: Vintage Wine Bar Greg Stiver
Approximate Dimensions: 11 ft 8 in x 12 ft 2 in

This painting on plywood is from the time when the former President, Donald Trump, had a rally in Tulsa. Many businesses boarded up their doors and windows out of fear and many local artists painted messages of hope and love on the boards. This came to the Living Arts gallery without all of it’s pieces and still managed to get the message across. Jessica recounts, “This was one of the pieces we had the least information on but it still managed to make such a large impact. Maybe it was the missing pieces while reminding people how important it was to love one another? Maybe it was that I dropped it on myself and felt like we bonded in the installation process. I’m not sure, but it is one of my favorites I have come to love through the gallery.”

3. Cowgirl Up

Artist: Faith Green

Jessica followed this piece all over town and bought it in the first 5 minutes of the exhibition. “It is proudly hanging in my living room above the couch. Faith has been a favorite of mine when she first hit the Tulsa art scene and when I saw this piece on her social media when it debuted, it was love at first sight.”


August 17, 2022


App Art, Living Arts


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