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Anne Pollard James’ 3 Paintings
Anne Pollard James' three select paintings: ”Mine: The Justice Print,” Boy Tears, and Coming Up for Air: First Breath.
Anne Pollard James, art, artist, tulsa, oklahoma,

Anne Pollard James’ 3 Paintings

Anne Pollard J

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1. ”Mine: The Justice Print” Benefitting reproductive CHOICE

To Anne, this painting was a direct response to Greg Abbott in Texas and the abortion issue. The image “evokes the conversation about ownership of an autonomy of the female body” explains Anne.

2. Boy Tears // Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print

24 x 24.

To Anne, this painting encapsulates the wink wink, nudge nudge of the power of women. Boy tears in a Chanel bottle is a bite size wink of power. “As women, we often laugh your way with a no, but it’s the humor part for me that comes through in my painting of boy tears. It’s a woman drinking boy tears, in a humorous slant.”

3. Coming Up for Air: First Breath

Sold. 24 x 24. Oil on canvas.

Anne has been working on this water series titled, Coming Up for Air. This shows the parts of women as opposed to a full figure and how a-lot of ways, we’re constantly coming up for air through all of these situations of ownership, gathering strength and then going back in for the fight. Anne explains, “I’m still working out what that all means. But really, it’s how we manage.”


August 9, 2022


Anne Pollard James


Anne Pollard James, art, artist, Oklahoma, Tulsa