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DREAMSCAPES by Antira Lavanhar

DREAMSCAPES by Antira Lavanhar

Anitra’s 3 Pieces using Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposure

1. Self Portrait of Mosaic Tile. “This is self portrait with Mosaic Tile from Morocco. The self portrait was captured in the shower and it’s superimposed with the Moroccan fountain perfectly placed by my breasts, which happened magically when layering.”


2. In the Zone “ I captured this image of a man at the Gathering Place. It’s candid, he didn’t know I was taking the photo. I layered it with an iPhone shot of a dirty door, like a glass door and this wonderful, magical moment happened when they came together. For me when I was looking at it and titling it, I was like he’s so in the zone. He’s got the music playing, he’s in the air with his arms going up.”


3. Branching. “I captured this layer in the shower and superimposed over this beautiful tree I photographed in Arkansas with the sunset. For me, this image is mysterious and it also speaks to that golden light that is in us somewhere.”


October 10, 2022


Antira Lavanhar, App Art


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