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Charica Daugherty’s 3 Pieces

Charica Daugherty’s 3 Pieces

1. This piece is called ‘Film Noir’. Charica explains, “It was inspired by Film Noir films, I love watching old black and white crime movies. I love the men in their suits, the women and their trench coats and dresses looking so chic, taking care of business, being classy and sassy. I love the beauty, glamour, and drama behind it.


2.  ‘Black American Cowboy’. “Research shows 25 to 30% of cowboys in America during the Cowboy era were black and when they were out on the range, they have to work together, they were trying to survive together. And so there ends up being no room for racism. So I think that’s powerful” says Charica.


3. “Freed Woman Nursing” is a personal favorite of Charica’s. She explains “I had quite an emotional experience in just the concept behind this painting. I am also a history teacher. And I was showing a documentary to my students called ‘Many Rivers to Cross’ and we were on the part where they talked about post-Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation. These images of women nursing their babies moved my heart. Because for me, the nursing experience is very powerful. It’s beautiful. It’s very bonding. And to see images of these women who were now emancipated and free women and nursing their babies, I can only imagine that feeling of a new hope.


October 13, 2022


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