Art Scene Disrupting the Market Through Inclusion

Art Scene (formerly AI Art Advisor), the next-generation art discovery and evaluation app, is disrupting the art market by combining cutting-edge technology with deep insights into art and aesthetics. Our proprietary "artistic quotient" machine learning system helps users discover their unique taste in art and navigate the art market with confidence. With Art Scene, collecting art is no longer limited to the elite few - our app is democratizing the market and making it accessible to everyone.

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Museum Advocate

Your platform for connecting with art enthusiasts and collectors.

Welcome to the Museum Advocate program, the platform that connects museums with art enthusiasts and advocates from around the world. Our program is designed to help museums showcase their best artwork, gain valuable feedback and insights from our community, and drive more engagement and donations.

Why Choose Us

Donor Boost

Want to boost your museum's fundraising efforts? Our app can help. We'll provide you with data on what high-value donors are looking for, so you can create experiences that resonate and drive more donations.

Gain Insights

With our app, you can discover which artwork resonates most with your audience and tailor your exhibits to better engage them. We'll provide you data to stay ahead of the curve and keep your visitors engaged.

Build Community

Join a growing network of museums and art institutions, and connect with other art lovers and advocates who share your passion for the arts.

Expand Reach

With the Museum Advocate program, you can connect with a global audience of art enthusiasts and collectors, helping to expand your museum's reach and influence.

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Our Services

At Museum Advocate, we understand the importance of museums in our global communities. That's why we provide a comprehensive suite of services to help museums engage new communities, gain valuable data insights, connect with donors, and digitize their collections to expand their reach and impact. What's more, most of our services are offered free of charge, because we believe in supporting museums and their missions. Join the Museum Advocate program today and take advantage of our free services to enrich your museum experience and empower your advocacy.

Connect with More Diverse Donors

Traditional donor acquisition methods can limit your museum's reach and lead to a lack of diversity among donors. With the Museum Advocate program, you can leverage data insights to better target your outreach efforts and connect with new, diverse donors who share your museum's mission. Our tools and resources help you build lasting relationships with donors and create a compelling donor acquisition strategy that reflects your unique needs and goals. Join us today to expand your reach, gain valuable insights, and connect with new donors in a more strategic and impactful way.

Yearly Reports: Transform Your Engagement

Museum Advocate offers yearly reports to members, detailing the demographics and preferences of those who have engaged with their artwork. With this data, museums can make informed decisions about how to better engage with their audience and build lasting relationships with their supporters. Our reports include detailed information on the age, gender, location, income, and other key demographics of the people who have engaged with your museum's artwork. We also provide insights on their preferences, such as the type of artwork they prefer, the amount of money they can spend on fine art each year, and other relevant details.

Engage new communities, showcase art.

Museum Advocate offers the opportunity for members to participate in traveling showcases, connecting museums with new audiences and bringing artwork to communities that may not have access to it. Our showcases are carefully curated and designed to highlight the unique strengths and qualities of each museum's collection. We partner with a range of organizations and institutions to bring these showcases to communities that are either in underserved communities in terms of art access or have a high concentration of people who are interested in the artwork at the participating museum.

Revitalize Your Museum's Collection with Professional Cataloguing

The Museum Advocate program offers a comprehensive cataloging service that helps museums to digitally document and organize their entire collections, including detailed records of each item's title, artist, date of creation, medium, dimensions, provenance, and other relevant details. Our professional and efficient cataloging service can also involve researching and writing about the historical and cultural context of the artwork, as well as providing interpretive and educational materials to help viewers better understand and appreciate the collection.

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Trusted By

Leading museums trust the Museum Advocate program to provide valuable data insights, expand their reach, and connect with new audiences in a more strategic and impactful way.

Unlock your Museum's Full Potential

Join Museum Advocate today and gain access to a suite of tools and resources that can help you engage new audiences, attract diverse donors, and showcase your collection in exciting new ways.