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Exploring the Colorful Universe of Mad Dog Art

Exploring the Colorful Universe of Mad Dog Art

When you think of a night out in Tulsa, you can’t help but think of Mad Dog and his bright red roses. For as many years as one can remember, Mad Dog has been a fixture in Brookside and downtown Tulsa, spreading cheer with his radiant roses and warm smile. But there’s much more to Mad Dog’s story than just a flower seller.

Roughly 30 years ago, Kenneth Penn was a heavyweight boxer traveling the world and fighting alongside Dale Apollo Cook. It was then that someone told Kenneth that he reminded him of a mad dog, due to his tenacity and aggressive fighting style in the ring. This nickname stuck and to this day, he is still known as Mad Dog in Tulsa.

Mad Dog’s Octopus with Rose

Dale Apollo Cook was a well-known kickboxer and a champion in his own right. He won the PKA World Middleweight Championship, making a name for himself in the world of martial arts. Working alongside Cook had a profound impact on Mad Dog and his career, as it allowed him to learn from and be inspired by a successful fighter.

After a long and successful career in boxing, Mad Dog discovered a new passion – painting. He stumbled upon this hobby at a banquet where he saw some paintings and thought to himself, “I can do that.” From that day forward, he began painting after every boxing match to help take his mind off of everything. He eventually began working with the acclaimed artist Chris Mantle, learning the trade and eventually showcasing his own work in two exhibitions at the Chris Mantle Gallery.

"...I want to one day become one of the best artists around."

Mad Dog is now a full-time artist, inspired by animals of the sea and iconic images like Mickey Mouse and Buffalos, with his signature red rose often making an appearance in his paintings. He is working towards becoming one of the best artists around and has even started working on turning his images into a children’s book.

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Buying Mad Dog Art

You can still find Mad Dog on Friday nights with his roses and sometimes, a few paintings for sale. His paintings are small, around 8X10 and 11X14, making them easy to carry around in a shoulder bag. If you’re interested in purchasing Mad Dog’s art, you can either catch him on the streets with his bucket of roses or give him a call at 918-206-9568. He takes his paintings with him everywhere he goes and is always ready to show them off.


Ready to Plan A Visit?

Brookside in Tulsa is a vibrant and lively area, full of art galleries, restaurants, boutiques, and bars. If you’re looking to see Mad Dog and his art, you can catch him out and about in Brookside or give him a call.

"I take my paintings everywhere I go."

Local Hotels & Restaurants

Brookside is full of great local restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and bars.



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