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Mad Dog Art

Mad Dog Art

Buy a lady a rose? If that sounds familiar, then you must know Mad Dog. But, of course, you also know a night out in Tulsa is not complete without going home with a bright red rose from Mad Dog himself, for he has been prowling around Brookside and downtown Tulsa with his cheerful smile and radiant red roses for as many years as I can remember. Still, his story is much more

interesting than a simple flower pusher.

Roughly 30 years ago, Kenneth Penn worked with Dale Apollo Cook, traveling the world as a heavy-weight boxer. After the fight, someone told Kenneth that he reminded him of a mad dog because of how he would fight and bark at his opponent. Immediately, this became his name and the name he is known as in Tulsa; Mad Dog.

Mad Dog’s Octopus with Rose

Little did I know, until recently, when he greeted me at Center One on Brookside, asking my boyfriend if he wanted to buy me a rose; besides being a champion boxer, he is also an artist. When I asked him how he got into painting, he explained, “I was at a banquet and saw some paintings and thought to myself, Wow, that looks good, I can do that. So I went home and painted a rose. From that day forward, after every boxing match, I’d go home and paint to take my mind off of everything. I love it.”

I bought a painting right then and there, and it hangs on my wall today; an adorable chubby black and white panda with a radiant red rose.

"...I want to one day become one of the best artists around."

Though his boxing career is over, his artistic career is just beginning. Mad Dog has been working with the acclaimed artist, Chris Mantle, learning some tricks of the trade as well as having a space to paint and sell his work. He has even started to paint his own version of the Buffalo with his signature red Rose. “This is the new version of Mad Dog: full-time artist. And I have a lot of people who love my artwork. And I want to one day become one of the best artists around.”

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Buying Mad Dog Art


But don’t worry, you can still get your red roses on a Friday night, and if you are lucky, Mad Dog will also have a few paintings with him for sale. His paintings are often small, around 8X10 and 11X14, and fit nicely in a shoulder bag he carries around. He is inspired by animals of the sea and iconic images of Mickey Mouse, Buffalos, and his famous red roses.

He has had two shows at the Chris Mantle Gallery with plans of turning his images into a children’s book. I asked him where people could buy his art, he said to give him a call: 918-206-9568. “You can call me or if you see me walking down the street with a bucket full of roses, say ‘Hey, Mad Dog, where are those paintings?‘ I’ll have them with me, I take my paintings everywhere I go.”

Ready to Plan A Visit?

You might catch Mad Dog out with his roses and his art around Brookside in Tulsa or call 918-206-9568.

"I take my paintings everywhere I go."

Local Hotels & Restaurants

Brookside is full of great local restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and bars.



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Ana Berry

Ana Berry

Born and raised in Tulsa, her career has spanned nationally and internationally as a TV Host, Commercial Spokeswoman, Multi Media Journalist and Voice Over Artist.