Top Five Apps For Artists That You Should Download

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As the art world adapts to a new digital era, companies are putting together resources to help connect artists. There is also a growing demand for convenient, easy to use apps for artists to help them scale their business.

These apps should be in the back pocket of any artist looking to help their businesses.

1. Instagram

Being an artist is a lot more than just creating and hoping people will see it. Now, artists have found the most success when establishing a community full of other artists and fine arts lovers that can support them. This first app can help artists do just that. Instagram has quickly turned into an essential tool for artists to share their work and grow their community. When done intentionally, this app goes beyond just sharing pictures for your friends to see. You can connect with people from all over the world that otherwise would never have the opportunity to see your work. Artists that establish themselves on Instagram also have a chance to network and collaborate with other artists. This has become one of the quickest and most convenient apps for artists to share their work and foster their creativity. 

2. Magnus App

Have you ever seen an incredible work of art but cannot find the artist plaque anywhere? This is the app just for that. The Magnus App is like Shazam for the art world. Magnus has a database of crowdsourced art images, where people can find more information on whatever painting they snap.

3. Arthur

Formerly known as Curiator, this app provides artists with a platform to collect art online. Similar to Pinterest, you can browse artwork and either save them to your collection or share it online. This app is accessible for all artists, no matter how big or small your platform may be. Arthur is currently rebranding so you can join the waitlist and be one of the first people to get the new app as soon as it launches!

4. Artsy

Similar to Arthur, Artsy is a fine art app that allows you to view, buy, and sell art all through the platform. The goal of Artsy’s founder was to connect an individual to the world of art, and you can do just that. The app features hundreds of artists from all over the world. It holds auctions, viewing rooms, and keeps its users updated with the latest fine arts trends. You can browse galleries and search for different artists. You have an entire art world right at your fingertips. This app is both a cutting edge news source and an art gallery. Just browsing through the website can leave you inspired. 

5. Palette Cam

Palette Cam is one of the most useful fine arts apps on the market. This app allows you to generate a color palette from any picture that you take. You can create your color palettes or browse from their wide variety of ready-made and complementary palettes. This is an app for artists that find inspiration wherever they go.