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Artist’s Proof is a beautiful gallery located in Georgetown on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, D.C. Georgetown is one of the most gorgeous and well-known neighborhoods in the D.C. area, home to a variety of markets and nature attractions, and defined by its charming Federal-style architecture and cobblestone streets. Artist’s Proof is one of several art galleries which call Georgetown home, but is distinguished by its unique integration of both art exhibition and interior consultation.

The inside space of the two-floor gallery is characterized by a long, spacious layout with a pleasant window view. Artist’s Proof boasts an exhibition of a wide and diverse range of contemporary art of varying styles and genres. Fine-art photographs, paintings, statues, and books are just a sample of the art for display. The gallery hosts exhibitions from both local and international artists alike, features exclusive artists and art pieces, and prides itself on its dedication to fostering creativity and experimentation in modern artwork.

Artist’s Proof also maintains a consultancy department which specializes in art sourcing and art advisory services for interior spaces. The gallery not only provides great advisors to work intimately with its clients, but their staff also provides insightful interior design tips such as the effects of lighting, composition, and artistic styles which can help their patrons be equipped to design any future spaces. Artist’s Proof is a great visit for artists, art collectors, and art appreciators!


Beyond the Gallery

Artist's Proof is uniquely located within the Georgetown community. This is an especially wonderful location to explore as it is adjacent to several other art galleries which appeal to a multitude of artists and art styles. The nearby Dumbarton Oaks Museum is also another place of artistic appreciation. The museum features art collections from the Byzantine and Pre-Columbian periods. Aside from the museum and the Georgetown Galleries, Georgetown is known for its all-encompassing local experience, with a vast spectrum of activities and local sights.

One of the most impressive aspects of this charming area is its natural amenities. The C&O canal is a beautiful location to take in geological wonders of Georgetown. It is the perfect place to wall, run, bike, or enjoy a brief escape the bustling city streets. Georgetown is a neighborhood full of gorgeous waterfront attractions. The Potomac River or Washington Harbor are great spots to fish and kayak or even ice skate in the winter season. The Dumbarton Oaks garden is a historic park that heralds lush green walkways and various eye-catching fountains.

There are several other aspects which make Georgetown an appealing sight-seeing spot for art collectors and tourists alike. There are the popular activities like heading down to the shopping district or relaxing in one of the many resident salons or spas. There are also more unconventional options. Historic and significant sights such as the Tudor Place and infamous steps filmed in the classic Exorcist, or activities like a walking tour which retraces the steps the iconic presidential Kennedy couple are just a few examples of the many unique areas to explore in the neighborhood. The gourmet cupcake chain Georgetown Cupcake is also a well-known local attraction, which was featured on the popular tv series DC Cupcakes. Georgetown also includes highlights such as game spaces, escape rooms, and jazz clubs. If desired, a stop to Artist’s Proof can extend beyond a simple gallery tour to a day-long expedition of activities and exploration.


Date-Worthy Coffee Shop: Boulangerie Christophe

1422 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Minutes away from Artist’s Proof is an elegant and well-reputed Boulangerie Christophe. This French café is moderately priced with a friendly staff and excellent customer service, and is well-stocked with an assortment of delectable meals, coffee, and pastries. Boulangerie Christophe is designed as a beautiful two-floor establishment, with a restaurant and window views on the upper level and a bakery with an outdoor seating area on the main floor. The menu ranges from savory foods like seasoned omelets to sweet delights like the house-made brioche French toast. The shop opens at 7:30 each morning, and is the perfect location to bring a date and enjoy the good food, pleasing aromas, and charming atmosphere before heading down to tour the art gallery.

Website: http://www.boulangeriechristophe.com/

Phone: (202) 450-6344


Recommended Restaurant: Good Stuff Eatery

3291 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

The high-quality restaurant is in the top of the recommendations for a excellent lunch spot. Good Stuff Eatery has an affordable menu stocked with premium burgers and flavored shakes. The restaurant is owned by Top Chef star Spike Mendelsohn and receives widespread praise for the rich taste and high quality of the dishes. If a good burger and fries after a successful art venture sounds like a great dining, then this restaurant is the perfect location for you.

Website: https://www.goodstuffeatery.com/locations/georgetown

Phone: (202) 337-4663

Visit Artist’s Proof:

Website: https://www.aproof.net/

Address: 1533 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

Phone: (202) 803-2782