In Art Styles

A scenic lake overlook, a vase of flowers on a windowsill,
or a couple reading together at a crowded coffee shop: these are all scenes
that capture a distinct aesthetic appeal. Art, however, is oftentimes
associated with works that that creatively interpret these ordinary objects or
concepts into a more fanciful or imaginative form. In contrast, the art style
of realism aims to capture the appeal of the subject in a natural state,
without excessive use of artistic liberties or the addition of artificial
elements in the work.

In the creation of a realism art piece, the artist frames a
select moment in time for the viewer to observe. Art owners who gravitate towards
realism artworks are likely appreciative of the mood and style that certain
pieces reflect, and desire to emphasize and expand these feelings where the
artworks are placed. Realism pieces capture a meaningful moment in the world in
truth, and allow a person to possess it as a lasting experience.

Image: The Gleaners by Jean-François Millet / Courtesy of Google Images.