QRates and Collecting Contemporary Vinyl

In Art Collecting

When people think about aquiring art for their home, they normally think of paintings and furniture. A scene of modern house like Jason Statham might even come to mind. Art is not just that, though. Music is art. So why don't you consider the pasttime of collecting vinyls, as a way to expand your art collection.

Modern vinyls are an average of $40 and with time they can increase market value to above the thousands. Let me introduce to you the site qrates.com. This site allows you to support the production of vinyls of some of the newest up and coming artist. Its a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter or Patreon, but for musicians.

Elijah Nang

Have you heard of Elijah Nang? Elijah is one of the most well known lofi musicians. He's newest album "Gajin II Tale of Rai" was able to be physical published due to qrates system.

Lo-Fi Compilation

If you do love the lofi genre, I recommend the album "Smoke & Mirrors" being crowdfunded at this exact moment. The album is composed of various lofi and jazz hop musicians.

Folk Music

Like Folk music, why don't you try Kitchen Dwellers' album "Reheated Vol. 2". Not many folk musicians get the time or fanbase to create a 12", so expect this vinyl to be precious in any collector's home.

Drum & Bass

Try "Six Six Six" by Hell Kitchen, or

"Outside" by Dogs Sees Ghosts would be a good bet for any drum&bass fan.

QRates' Selection

These are only a few selections off the site, but they have a wide varity genres. Check it out yourself & don't foget to comment about your favorites. (Just last week I bought "Smoke & Mirrors", and I am considering obtaining "Patience" by Shogonodo. I guess you can tell I am a lofi lover.)