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Three Favorites From Carly Treece

Three Favorites From Carly Treece

“Storms Never Last” 24×36. Oil, cold wax, gold flake and multimedia on wood.
Carly loves the depth and movement of  \this piece, representing the stormy skies and chaos, but also moments of clear, calm and beautiful skies. “This one helped me process during the pandemic when we were all in lockdown” explains Carly, “It helped me get through those difficult feelings and anxieties that I think all of us were having. It was a reminder that storms never last in our lives and we will get through. Oklahoma has some of the most wild storms and then will have the most beautiful skies right after they pass”. This piece went to a collector in Portland, OR.


“Fancy Shawl Dancer” 9×12. Oil, cold wax and multimedia on paper.
This is one of Carly’s favorite pieces because “there is nothing more beautiful to watch than the fancy shawl dancers at a pow-wow”. Carly explains how she
loves the movement and grace in this piece, adding little inscriptions on the
bottom-a language used by cold wax artists. “When I was making these particular inscriptions, I was saying prayers for our MMIR. The red shawl represents our murdered and missing relatives.” This piece found her home in Tulsa.


“Sharing a Blanket Under the Harvest Moon” 36×36. Oil and multimedia on
This is one of Carly’s favorite paintings because you can see the love between
the three women. This painting was commissioned by three sisters, so Carly
drew inspiration from the ladies, as well as from the bond between her own
sisters- fiercely loving and protecting one another. “They’re sharing a blanket,
keeping one another warm.” Carly explains, “I added a glow around them, to
make their bond stand out more. I love the moon behind them, bringing them
together in that circle”. The clouds are inspired by the artist, TC Cannon. He
always had cool shapes of clouds in his paintings and I wanted to add some of that feel to this.



September 20, 2022


Carly Treece