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Three Favorite Pieces from The Sherwin Museum of Jewish Art​
Three featured pieces from the Sherwin Museum of Jewish Art​: Kinderstone Statues, Boris Schatz, and an untitled ceiling installation.
sherwin museum, jewish, art, tulsa, oklahoma

Three Favorite Pieces from The Sherwin Museum of Jewish Art​


Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art


1. Kinderstone Statues
For the past 9 years, each student who toured the Holocaust Center decorated stones that had the names of children murdered in the Holocaust as a way to celebrate their lives. This is the ultimate example of education through art. These stones are now being used to fill wire statues created by local artist Kendra Shinn.


2. Boris Schatz
Although this seems like a simple brass alter piece, it’s the very first piece donated to museum. This piece tells the story of how a community can come together and create something special, which 50 years later, is a national accredited museum that shares their story with guests from around the world.


3. Untitled – Ceiling Installation

This new installation features the work of Dallas Jewish artist, Simon Warranch and his design of 15 hand blown glass orbs that hang from the museums lobby ceiling. The museum has always had a glass theme through it’s different exhibitions but they recently installed this new piece with the backdrop of their 1907 stained glass windows which represents the museums respect to the past, present and future.


July 20, 2022


The Sherwin Museum of Jewish Art​


art, jewish, Oklahoma, sherwin museum, Tulsa