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Cristiana Prado

Cristiana Prado

1. Mother Guardian of the Gardens
This is made with stoneware, glaze, and luster. It is a very good example of how her sources of inspiration are fused. This piece shows some features of an Orisha plus natural elements found in gardens such as flowers and leaves.
In general her Orishas are named Guardians, and are her interpretations of the African Deities that connect the spiritual world to the living world. “I represent them the way I see them, explains Cristiana, ” as protecting forces who guard different aspects of my life. This piece conveys a lot of positive energy and this one, in particular, is one of my favorite pieces due to the scale, details, and colors.”
2. Bronze Penca
 Pencas are typical African jewelry, traditionally used by women of African descent who always adorned themselves with lucky amulets. These pencas are common souvenirs found in Salvador. “I made mine on a larger scale to be hung on the wall, says Cristiana “This piece connects me with my culture and I love how I was able to make it in stoneware to look like metal.”
3. Leaf Bowl Flower
This piece was commissioned by a friend of Cristiana from Nicaragua who sadly died suddenly two years ago. Cristiana explains, “It is in fact a big leaf bowl with flowers randomly attached and also with a center element to resemble seeds that I made to represent rebirth. I love how the colors are blended in a way to become very unique.  This piece shows how dynamic the forms are rendered.”

February 24, 2022


App Art, Cristiana Prado


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