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Private art collections are an opportunity to share your most private thoughts without speaking a word. From the Barnes Collection to the Walters Art Gallery, personal identity and taste is showcased more beautifully than any public art institution could possibly create.

Everyone should have the opportunity to share this and build their own version in their home that can be shared with their family and friends. Budget Collectors’ singular purpose is to encourage more individuals to pursue their art ambitions and share their private collections with other likeminded individuals. To grow a collective of individuals who want to learn and grow together.

Typically, only a few families buy art, but our organization was built for everyone and anyone interested in art to buy art for their homes.

Benefits of Membership

Our art advisory does have personal one-on-one sessions, but it is only available to members, who pay a monthly fee to participate in our group session and activities. The membership fee and the group activities allow us to offer top quality service without sacrificing excellence.

As a member, you can expect the following:

• Monthly one-on-one art advisory sessions
• A detailed art collector assessment profile to help match you with comparable art collectors.
• Monthly group outings to galleries or private group dinners with artists
• Monthly printed newsletter
• Private gallery webpage to showcase your art buys
• Discounted quarterly group trips to see domestic or international art collections
• Exclusive monthly webinars and access to the webinar archive

Select Membership Type

Regular Membership

All the benefits listed above for $379 per month.

Student Membership

Student members are eligible to participate in all activities with the exception of one-on-one art advisory sessions. Student members also are sent the monthly newsletter in digital format rather than print. The price of membership is $75 per month.

Please register with your .edu email to be approved, otherwise, you may be requested to submit copies of your transcripts.

Associate Membership

An associate member is not an art collector, but their professional activities support art collectors. Associate members can join for $5000 per year. The benefits of associate membership are printed ads on each month’s newsletter. Associate members are invited to select events and may be eligible for speaking opportunities.

Supporting Membership

A supporting member includes individuals, corporations, companies, and firms who have a professional interest or concern in supporting private art collections. A supporting member can join at $10,000 per year. The full benefits of becoming a supporting member can be viewed here.