In Art Styles

Impressionism is an art movement, arising in the late-19th
century, characterized by artists who create a painting representative of their
initial perception or “impression” of a subject, often through the utilization
of loose and undefined forms. This style appears as if the viewer is only
receiving a glimpse of the objects in a piece. Impressionist work is known for
its emphasis on color, its accurate depiction of highlights and shadows, as
well as its use of small, painterly brushstrokes.

Impressionist pieces can be an intimate window into the eyes
of an artist, as the less rigid structure and technique allows the artist to
express more emotion and dynamic into a work. The vivid colors and perceivable
motion in impressionist paintings give a sense of whimsy and life to pieces,
and can seemingly transport viewers to a different time and place.
Impressionist artwork is a pleasure to own for those who are adventurous and
imaginative, and appreciate the wonder of exploring a world just beyond their

Image: Garden at Sainte-Adresse by Claude Monet / Courtesy of Google Images.