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Our Instruction Method

Fun Activity

This is an activity book that can be used with family and friends. The journal gives you a chance to explore art museums and galleries in order to develop your own artistic vision.

Writing Prompts

This book includes several writing prompts that will help you cultivate a unique artistic vision and mission for your art collecting jourey.

Art Advisory Firm

Developed by a professional art advisory firm to create a collection that would rival legendary collector John Quinn.

Wealth Vehicle

Track and monitor an artist's resale value to not only gain a collection that you love, but perhaps gain a collection that could become a sizeable investment.

Color Theory

Learn more about how color can impact your mood and perspective.

Art Budget

Create an art budget to start affordably decorating your own home with original work.


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John Quinn

Inspirational Collector

John Quinn, a man with means lower than his contemporaries, was able to collect an assortment of art greater than most of his peers.

YouTube Channel

Founder's channel features videos every Friday on art.

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Recommended Book

This month's recommended book for art collectors.

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Take Personality Quiz

Take our personality quiz to discover your collector type.

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