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How To Find Affordable Art Advisors

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An important tool for every art collector is their advisors and confidants who help them in their search for the perfect art piece.

What is an Art Advisor?

An art advisor is a paid consultant who helps you navigate the art world. They typically have an educational background in fine art or history.

Why is an Art Advisor Important?

An art advisor can give you the access and the knowledge that you don’t already possess. They help focus your interest and provide access to quality artwork that fits your budget.

What should I look for in an Art Advisor?

You should be looking for someone who has experience analyzing auction sales, an understanding of the contemporary art market, and an individual who values your individual perspective. Typically, more experienced art advisors have held roles at an art gallery, museum, or an auction house. They might have a substantive educational background in art history and the art market. They should also have a positive reputation in the field and have established reputations with galleries and other art sources.

What should I look for in an Art Advisor?

An art advisor is able to bring more concrete details to different artwork, such as:

  • Understand the market value of artwork from the history to the potential resell value
  • Introduce you to comparable artworks to the ones you already appreciate
  • Conduct due diligence on pricing, quality, and provenance
  • Be a good negotiator
  • Assist with handling framing, installing, and lighting art pieces
  • Insuring, cataloging, and loaning out pieces from the collection.

An art advisor should also be able to provide access to more exclusive artworks that aren’t available to new buyers. An art advisor also introduces clients to other relevant artists, dealers, and other experts.

Where can I find an art advisor?

The Association of Professional Art Advisors (APAA) is a non-profit that is comprised of leading independent art advisors, curators, and corporate art managers. They have a directory of art advisors who have proven expertise in their field.

Why should I choose an art advisor with Budget Collector?

Our art advisory does have personal one-on-one sessions, but it is only available to members, who pay a monthly fee to participate in our group session and activities. The membership fee and group activities allow us to offer top quality service without sacrificing excellence.

As a member, you can expect the following:
• Monthly one-on-one art advisory sessions
• Private gallery webpage to showcase your art buys
• Art assessment quiz designed by our team of professionals
• Personalized report detailing new artists and pricing information.

Become A Member

If you would like to become a member without attending an introductory course, please schedule an appointment.