Brown Furniture: Will It Make A Comeback?

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I do think that 90s and early 2000s homeowners were known for their love of antiquities. The homes and the furniture sold at retailers were all replicas of “brown furniture.” No longer satisfied with the 80s modern that seemed to go out of fashion so quickly, the rich and the middle class yearned for staples that wouldn’t become dated in the next five years.

However, I wonder with the influence of Ikea and the Swedish aesthetic of modern simple clean lines will the rise of “brown furniture” be seen anytime soon? What would have to happen to make it relevant again? To make it desirable? In the 90s and 00s, we had tons of hit shows and movies showcasing early American and European history and political intrigues that highlight the “brown furniture” aesthetic.

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I wonder with the rise of public consciousness will it be more difficult to showcase just the rich whites of history in a way that highlights the beauty of “brown furniture.” We have shows like Bridgerton that reinvent the past in a way to barely fit our public perception and allow us to fantasize about the monarchy’s aesthetic without touching on the subjugation and pervasive impact of colonialism.

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Bridgerton, 2020

However, these types of shows that rewrite history have been written by Disney ad nauseam and I don’t think anyone but Shonda Rhimes could pull it off.