Ansel Adams at the Wilderness Society

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Ansel Adams, an esteemed American photographer, donated several of his most significant photos to the Wilderness Society. The photographs are a view of America, not as a consumerist icon, but a view of America as a place of solitude and reflection. For many tourists who visit America, they can be tempted to just visit the flashy and the well-advertised corporate reflection of our society. But I would argue, that what makes America great is the landscape itself, the natural beauty that merges both dry and arid areas of New Mexico with lush tropical rainforests of Washington state. The same continent can have so many different regions...can, of course, fit so many different people.

In the currently partisan and divisive city that many can view our nation’s capital, taking time to reflect upon Adams’ work gives you a moment to strive for something better. It allows you to contemplate whether you will be challenged to explore the great American landscape or will you take America at just the surface corporate values?

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