The app for
every artist and
every collector.

We are rebuilding and democratizing the art world to make every artist find their work's best supporters. We are specifically designing the platform to encourage everyone to see the value of fine art.

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App Features

Helping Artists Find Their True Believers

How Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Support Your Art?

A few select individuals will no longer be the ultimate decision-maker on what art is or what art is not.

  • The AI will match your pieces to buyers who support that aesthetic.
  • The potential buyers will be exposed to the most esteemed fine art at various museums to help them understand the value of your work.

Have A Personal Advocate Working For You 24/7

The app is designed to be a fun activity for people to discover new artwork.

  • Scroll and find new obscure pieces at museums around the world.
  • Discover new details on your preferences.

Gain New Perspective on Potential Buyers

You will have direct access to the developers and the creative team.

  • The team wants your art to be found. If it's not, we will work with you to help your work to be discovered.
  • Join our weekly Zoom calls to discuss and suggest new features.

We believe in supporting everyone in the fine art ecosystem.