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About Budget Collector

To develop more art collectors.

To support the development of private art collections across the United States, to provide resources for potential and current art collectors, and to support private galleries.

The Budget Collector is an association of people who believe in the following:


We believe that every individual is responsible for supporting an artist’s vision that reflect their unique interpretation of the world around them.


We respect our personal finances and will maintain discipline in our purchases. We respect the artist’s time and education, we will always attempt to pay fairly in a manner that supports the artist’s continual career.


We believe that our passion supports something greater. Art is a financial investment, but it is also an investment in ourselves and our vision for the greater community-at-large.

My name is Ebonique and I am the founder of Budget Collector. I love private art collections, I used to spend all summer at the Barnes Collection or the Walters Art Gallery, sketching and absorbing the clear vision of the collection’s namesakes. After ten years in the political sector, where I have helped countless campaigns secure victory, I found myself lost without art. I started funding students to write and research on the topic of art collections to help me find my first piece.

I realized that I was not alone on my journey as a mid-career professional ready to purchase art and that there were many others. However, typical art advisory firms only work with clients who are looking to secure six-figure investments, despite the fact that the average price of contemporary art is in the mid-four figures.

There are many internal biases within the art world leading to the same types of people directing aesthetic vision that can be hurtful to many types of people. Budget Collector was founded to elevate minority voices by encouraging more middle-market consumers to buy art. While the art world has attempted to reposition themselves, they are still a long way off from inclusiveness.

We believe that more people buying art will empower the art community to overcome challenges and reenvision themselves as a stronger, bolder entity. Myself and my team create new products and services championing developing new art consumers to help change the world, through one art collector at a time.

For us, it is vitally important to support local art galleries and museums, so we work closely with these teams to continue to build out support services. I hope that you enjoy our first published book and our collective journey with Budget Collector.