8 Reviews of 8 Art Galleries to Explore in Washington D.C.

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Artist’s Proof

Artist’s Proof is a long, spacious art gallery that consists of two floors and a pleasant window view. There is a variety of paintings, photography, books, and other forms of art on display. This gallery is unique because it both displays art for purchase and offers consulting for art decorating for a space. I would recommend visiting gallery to view its diverse collection as well as if you are interested in recieving additional advice on indoor art arrangement.

Calloway Fine Art & Consulting

The Calloway Fine Art & Consulting gallery is two-story contemporary art gallery which features prints and oil paintings. The gallery is rather small, so be prepared to be fully embraced by the many beautiful paintings that are fit within. If you want a quick chat or art advice, the art owner Susan Calloway and her team are friendly and extremely helpful!

Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Addison/Ripley Fine Art is small but attractive building that isolates itself with a charming atmosphere at the end of a more bustling, urban street. The gallery has several rooms which hosts the work of unique local artists. It also resides directly across from Book Hill Park, a great location to relax or enjoy nature with a fantastic view.

Washington Printmakers Gallery

The one-room Washington Printmakers Gallery is as welcoming as its is beautiful. The staff here is very friendly and conversational. The gallery itself offers a wide selection of work from local artists at affordable prices, as well as hosts workshops and events. This a good gallery for both artists looking to display and collectors wishing to purchase works.

Metropolitan Art & Sculpture Collaboration L.L.C.

MASC LLC is an adult art gallery where customers can purchase highly valuable artworks. The gallery hosts recreational activities and serves refreshments in the front with an amiable staff.


Zawadi is an African art and clothing store. Zawadi has an extensive collection of relics from across Africa, and the astounding display of pieces are distinguished by their beautiful color and handiwork. The store owner is extremely pleasant to talk with and knowledgeable on the origins of the many pieces in the store’s collection. This location is perfect for collectors who want to obtain African jems of historical significance at a reasonable price.

The Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

The Smith Center for Healing and the Arts is a nonprofit cancer center focused on providing cancer support through creative programs and fundrasing. The center has an art gallery which exhibits the work of local artists to raise money for cancer care. This gallery has an extremely powerful mission with passionate and inspiring staff, and works to spread a positive message of hope through its events.

Hamilitonian Gallery

The Hamilitonian Gallery is a large one-floor gallery that exhibits the work of multiple local artists. The exhibitions range from traditional paintings and scluptures to more contemprary art such as immersive video. The gallery is located directly in the energetic city streets of D.C.